Saturday Knights
by Christopher J Walker

Saturday Knights

Cosmopolis, United States - the year 2105.

It's a mess.
And it's about to get messier.

Captain Uno, charismatic superhero guardian of Cosmopolis is ready to hang up his cape. With the job of law enforcement back in the hands of the woeful Cosmo Police Dept the villains are free to strut their stuff and a tidal crime wave threatens to engulf the city.

Until two regular blokes decide to take a stand.

Bereft of super powers and sporting ridiculous outfits, Hank Halo and Eric Dorfler take on the criminals, doing their best to restore justice without getting themselves killed. Blissfully unaware the fate of the world rests on their shoulders they are soon drawn into a diabolical plot to sabotage the annual Miss Cosmopolis Beauty Pageant. Aided by a weird and wonderful array of allies including Dolores the psychic toddler, Grunter the gorilla, the futuristic Frank Bazonka and Sixpack, the most grammatically correct droid ever made, Hank and Eric swash and buckle their way to the tropical shores of Perfection Island in search of answers.

Can they protect the people of Cosmopolis?
Can they tempt Captain Uno out of retirement?
And does anyone know what 'chain up the mungle' actually means?