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Chasing TROY Reviews

Is this the new Terry Pratchett? After reading the book over the space of two nights I think I may have found his heir apparent.  The book is a fast paced sci-fi comic chase, with some great characters and terrific plot twists.  If you’re after a laugh out loud page-turner look no further.
Mark, London

Finally, when you thought you'd read all the good stuff... if you like Hitchhikers, Red Dwarf and the like, you’ll love this. A funny, brilliantly addictive galactic romp which shouldn’t be missed.
Barney, Oslo

What a superb read. An exceptionally funny sci-fi book with lots of laughs and suspense throughout. It’s been a long time since I have enjoyed a book like this. Certainly worth reading and very well written.  I read it within three days and found it hard to put down.
Alison, Cumbria

From a futuristic land to the Wild West, Jurassic jungles, gladiatorial arenas, an underground kingdom and space travel.  Droids, Mother Nature (yes she's a real person!), a dung beetle, mango-eating mutant, 6ft pygmies and huge dinosaurs, I didn't think my brain would cope!  But it did and I have recovered to tell the tale. The story went from one scene to another with a pace that meant I couldn't put the book down. Anything was possible in this highly amusing action-packed book. I didn't know what was coming on the next page never mind the next chapter. I would recommend this book to anyone, only kick out the kids, husband or wife, switch off your phone, take a sicky and get in some booze, you will love it.  Cannot wait from the next adventure from Cosmopolis.
Mark, Sheffield

What a book - I'm not usually a fan of sci-fi but this book was recommended to me so I thought I’d give it a whirl. From the very start I was hooked - Rick Venison and his trusty droid E-type are a study in humour and pathos.  Dexter - the mango-eating assassin has super ceded Clyde as my favourite orang-utan and the US army droids are the heroes of the hour. If you like to laugh out loud when reading a book and a gripping but non-serious subject matter then this is the book for you. Short chapters and the page turning quotes which preface each chapter made this book one I could not put down. Lets hope Walker has his nose to the typewriter for another exciting trip to Cosmopolis.
Shirley, Calgary

This was an excellent and enjoyable book. There are many parallels to how this book plays out. It is a mixture of all the great movie partnerships, the great action scenes and comedy lines from all the great clips.  The writing style varies from Douglas Adams to Andy McNab to Guy Ritchie.  It’s a classic multi-character story line in which the characters, by a series of adventure and misadventure, end up thrown together in a hilarious scene of sci-fi disbelief. I loved it and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a read that doesn’t take itself too seriously.
Mad Jack, Virginia