Chasing TROY
by Christopher J Walker

Chasing Troy

A hapless private investigator with a drink problem.
An erratic service droid with more gadgets than James Bond.
A feisty space courier on a never-ending adrenaline trip.
An ape-man assassin hooked on mangos.
A telepathic dung beetle.
A troop of gung-ho military droids.
A secret of mind-boggling importance.

The universe has managed to drag itself as far as 2105. It’s a disagreeable, dangerous, noxious place, but all the same it’s in danger – serious danger. The chase begins on the grubby streets of Cosmopolis. TROY is in the open and everyone wants it, even those who don’t know what it is. From the authentic Wild West town of Steersville to the hazardous jungles of Fangoza, TROY is pursued across the galaxy in a textbook display of organised chaos. Only one man can save the day and unfortunately it’s Rick Venison, quite possibly the most inept human being alive, helped and hindered in equal measure by E-type, his trusty service droid.

Can he save the universe before it self-destructs?

Maybe - as long as he’s back for last orders.