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Viper Command
103rd Infantry Division
US Army

In the event of war, the majority of battles will be fought by military droids.  Specially designed for combat they make ideal soldiers, following orders without question, accurate as the most sophisticated computers and tough as nails.  Or at least that’s the theory - safer just to pray we never go to war.

Led by their austere Sergeant ‘Roadworks’, Viper Command is not your average unit, someone at the US Military decided to give them personality chips.

Roadworks (sergeant)
Strict and by the book, Roadworks does his best to keep his unit on the straight and narrow but with such an unorthodox assortment of troops it’s a miracle he hasn’t suffered a meltdown yet.

Falling Rocks (demolition)
A relatively straightforward droid.  He’s a team player who’s only happy when he’s blowing stuff up.

Crossroads (navigation)
By land, sea or air, he’ll get you there.  The unit’s smallest droid.  What he lacks in height he makes up for in confidence.

Hump Bridge (artillery)
Not the sharpest tool in the shed, but by far the biggest.  He bulldozes his way through every situation with a devastating array of heavy-duty firepower.

No Entry (mechanic & surgeon)
No machine he can’t handle and king of the scalpel.  A vital member of the unit, he keeps everyone in one piece – most of the time.

Two-way Traffic (comms)
Fully automatic and free from static.  Spindly and festooned with aerials, Two-way keeps himself to himself but ensures the unit stays in contact at all times.

No U Turn (sniper)
In his own words ‘there ain’t nothin’ this droid can’t hit’.  He strikes with deadly accuracy but often falls victim to his own excitable personality and blind optimism.  In his world fifty against one isn’t a fair fight, he’d prefer to take on at least a hundred.